Carta Fu English


1Chinese Salad3.95€
2Thai Salad4.95€
3House’s Salad4.95€
4Philippine Rolls2.75€
5Vietnamese Rolls2.00€
7Thai Rolls3.95€
7aDuck Roll2.95€
8Fried Wan Tun2.25€
9Golden Nests5.25€
10Vegetable Tempura5.95€
11Prawns Tempura8.95€
12Grilled Gyozas3.95€
14Chicken Satay5.25€
15Prawns Satay6.25€
16Mongolian Skewers3.75€
17Chicken Soup2.95€
18Spicy Soup2.95€
19Wan Tun Soup2.95€
20Seafood Soup2.95€

Rice and Noodles

21Fried Rice3.75€
22House’s Black Rice5.75€
23Boiled Rice1.95€
24Thai Fried Rice5.25€
25Korean Rice5.95€
26Fried Noodles with Prawns4.50€
27Fried Noodles3.95€
28Fried Rice Noodles4.75€
29House’s Rice Noodles5.75€
30Singapore Noodles6.95€

Main Dish: Pork

31Yu Xiang Pork5.95€
32Thai Pork5.95€
33Sweet and Sour Pork5.25€
33aSpecial Chinese Sweet and Sour Pork8.95€
34Pork with Mushrooms5.25€
35BBQ Spare Ribs7.95€
36House’s Style Spare Ribs7.95€

Main Dish: Chicken

37Chicken with Thai Curry5.50€
38Chicken with Bamboo and Chinese Mushrooms4.95€
39Sichuan Spicy Chicken4.95€
40Chicken with Cashews4.95€
41Chicken with Lemon Sauce4.95€
42Taiwanese Chicken5.25€
43Sweet and Sour Chicken4.95€
44Chicken with Red Pepper6.25€
47aChicken with Thai Sauce6.25€

Main Dish: Beef

45Beef with Bamboo and Chinese Mushrooms5.45€
46Sichuan Spicy Beef5.45€
47Thai Beef6.25€
48Beef with Mushrooms5.45€
49Thai Curry Beef5.75€
50Beef with Oyster Sauce5.45€
74Beef with Black Soy Bean5.75€

Main Dish: Prawns

51Prawns with Bamboo and Chinese Mushrooms6.25€
52Gon Bao Prawns6.25€
53Prawns with Thai Curry6.25€
54Yu Xiang Prawns6.25€
55Sichuan Spicy6.25€

Main Dish: Duck

56Orange Liqueur Duck9.50€
57Pekin Duck12.95€
58Spicy Roasted Duck9.50€

Special Dishes

59Crispy Chicken5.95€
60Grilled Salmon8.50€
61Beef with Chips in Oyster Sauce6.95€
62Grilled King Prawns8.25€
63Steak Carving8.25€
64Tie Ban Beef6.95€
64aTie Ban Chicken6.95€
65Tie Ban Prawns7.25€
66Tie Ban Vegetables5.95€
67Entrecote with Chips12.95€
68Spicy Pekinese Beef8.95€
68aSpicy Pekinese Chicken8.95€
69Mushrooms with Oyster Sauce5.25€
100Kubak Rice with Prawns7.50€

For Children

70Breaded Chicken with Chips4.95€
71Sausages with Chips 3.95€
73Fried Cheese3.95€


101Beef Cheeseburger with Chips5.75€
102Crispy Chicken Burger with Chips5.75€
103Duck Burger with Chips6.50€

Restaurante fu

We are a family restaurant with more than 25 years of experience in Eastern food where every dish is made with an extra bit of love.


Opening Hours


Lunch: 12:00 – 16:00

Evening: 18:00 – 23:00


Avenida Baleares 36,

03183 Torrevieja